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●● About MICAL ●●


Contains a good balance of three fundamental minerals
which make up the human body:<calcium,Iron and phosphorous>!

Calcium Product
(Nutritional supplement)

MICAL is a nutritional supplement containing a good balance of iron, phosphorus and calcium. The three minerals “calcium,iron and phosphorous” play an important role in maintaining human health, and if any one of them is lacking, it will impede good health.

Additionally, these minerals cannot be created within the body, so they must be obtained through diet. MICAL is a supplement which contains “calcium,iron and phosphorous” in the optimal form for the human body. It is recommended for those who want to maintain good health daily as well as those who tend to have an imperfectly balanced diet.

The Features of MICAL

The colloidal calcium phosphate with miniscule amounts of iron included in MICAL is an optimal form of iron, phosphorous and calcium for the human body.

The action of the 3 fundamental minerals included

Calcium It helps our bones and teeth grow strong.
It is essential to cellular communication.
Our muscles need it to contract.
Our blood needs it to coagulate.
It keeps our nervous system working smoothly.
It keeps our blood vessels from hardening and our blood pressure from rising.
It prevents our arteries from clotting.
Hemoglobin It lives at the heart of our red blood cells, which carry oxygen throughout our bodies.
Phosphorous Phosphoric acid works to convert the food we eat into energy that keeps us warm and gives us strength. It works in tandem with calcium to stabilize our blood, and has an important connection to our cerebral cortexes and reproductive functions.

Fresh air, a balanced diet, plentiful exercise and moderate rest are the conditions of good health, but while the composition of the human body has remained almost unchanged, we are subjected to rapid change in our diets and environments day by day.

To endure this stress, we should now take another look at the fundamental minerals which make up our bodies.

Product Description

NameCalcium-containing food
Raw material nameNatural Calcium (Hydroxyapatite), Starch, Carboxymethyl Cellulose Na
Weight240 g (120 mg x 2,000 tablets)
(In ten grains per day of ingestion, it is the quantity like a half-income tax year. )
Recommended usageTake up to 10 tablets per day with a glass of water as a nutritional supplement.
StorageStore with the lid tightly closed and away from direct sunlight, heat and moisture.
Best-before dateThree years.
After manufacturing, the thing within half a year is shipped.
WarningKeep away from young children. Do not take if you have allergies to the ingredients listed. This product may be unsuitable for some physical constitutions or conditions. Discontinue use if it does not agree with you.
If taking medication or undergoing medical treatment, consult a physician or pharmacist before use.
Nutritional information and amount contained in 10 tablets (rough dosage per day)
Energy 0.93kcal Fat 0g
Protein 0.0012g Calcium 400mg
Sodium 0.003g Iron 5mg
Carbohydrate 0.2316g Phosphorus 130mg
Sugar 0g