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Mobile size convenient to carry. Because it is divided into 7 partitions, it is also to manage tablets for one week. There are four colors in color! !
mint (Blue)
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1 piece for each packing (end as soon as it is lost)
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from September 1, 2018 to August 31, 2019

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  • Ishimoto
  • Bio-Chemical Laboratory Co., Ltd.
  • 1-1-20,imaichi,asahi-ku,
  • Osaka,535-0011,JAPAN
  • E-mail :
  •  info@mical-ishimoto.com
  • TEL : 81-6-6951-4668
  • (Business hours:9:00~17:00)
  • ※Japanese only
  • FAX : 81-6-6953-4105
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"MICAL 2000 tab." Sold out on February 27, 2019. "MICAL FX 2000 tab." Will be on sale from March 19, 2019.
There is no change in calcium content.
We appreciate your inconvenience but please do. >>Details

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You, hello.
It is Ishimoto Bio-Chemical Laboratory Co., Ltd.
Thank you for coming to the site of MICAL.
At this site, I sell MICAL of calcium food.

Calcium has an action good for various health.
● Strengthen a bone.
● Communication of information of a cell
● Muscular contraction
● Suppress nervous excitement.
● Prevention of arteriosclerosis

Both children and old persons recommend you the direction of broad age.
Since a woman has childbirth and a menopause, she recommends you especially.
And it is higher for an effect to take in continuously from young inside.

MICAL is aiding your health.

●●● The notice of a price revision ●●●

2017/09/01 Notice of packaging material change / shipping change
2016/06/01 The notice of a price revision
2015/07/22 This is to announce the specification change to ingredient of MICAL. here.
2014/04/01 A consumption tax will be 8% from 5%. It is in detail here.
2013/11/01 A price is revised. It is in detail here.

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